Wolf Debate

Topic:  Should wolves be reintroduced to public lands in Northern New Mexico?
DEBATE ANALYSIS (both sides discussed)
The wolf in Yellowstone: Science, symbol, or politics? Deconstructing the conflict between environmentalism and wise use
Running with Wolves – NM Wolf Debate
Wolves really saved Yellowstone?
Wolves Slaughtered
NM Wolf Story – MotherJones
Wolf Reintroduction Controversy
Controversial Return to California
Restoration or Destruction? – Wolf Debate
Wolf an American Hero?
NC’s red wolf program under federal scrutiny
 wolf research paper (L. Heino T.H.S.)
CON Topic Area
Ghost of the Rockies (video trailer)
Wolves Economic Bite on Cattle
Wolf Forum in NM (stats of wolves eating humans)
Bad wolf in NM and AZ
Wolves at the Door
Montana Wolf Attacks
Heartland – Gov’t Sends Wolves against people
NM County Report
Elk in Peril (video trailer)
PRO Topic Area
BBC Wolves Saved Yellowstone (with video)
National Park Service on Wolves
Mexican Wolves
PBS In Valley of Wolves Background
Trophic Cascade = Eco Restoration – Yellowstone Park
Wolves Restore Ecosystems – Audubon
Wolf Reintroduction is Good – TheDodo
Wolves Save Ecoystems (video) – IFLScience
Trophic Cascade = Eco Restoration – MissionWolf
Defining Recovery Goals and Strategies for Endangered Species: The Wolf as a Case Study

Natural Resource & Environmental Studies at Taos High School

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