Environmental Forestry

Phenology Update Form

Independent Study Options – Fall 2015

Unit 1:  Seeing Nature Scientifically, Grasses and Forbs of Taos County (Aug 24 – Sept 17) EXAM on SEPT 17!

Unit 2: Investigating Ecosystems, Forest Ecology and Management, and Trees of Taos County (Sept 18 – Nov 12)

Unit 3: Quantifying Population Dynamics, Wildlife Ecology and Management, and Wildlife of Taos County (Nov 16 – Jan 30)

Jan 14  LAB: Population Trends in Time and Space  (NMDGF hunt data)

Unit 4: The Dynamic Earth (Feb 2 – 26)

Rio Grande Gorge Geology

Geologic Time Scale (for NM Geo History Lab)

Geologic Maps of New Mexico (check them out!)

Minerals, Rocks, and Rock Forming Processes

Estimating Soil Texture (handout with soil triangle)

Unit 5: Food Production and Nutrient Cycling (Mar 1 – April 7)


Unit 6:  Water Resources, Energy, and Climate   (April 19- May 6)

USGS Water Cycle                   USGS Streamflow

Water Resources – Env Forestry

Water Quantity Conversions

–Fracking Debate Links–


Key Environmental Laws





Natural Resource & Environmental Studies at Taos High School

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