Winter Limnology – at Eagle Nest Lake

Tiger Salamanders returned to the frozen surface of Eagle Nest Lake for a second round of winter limnology.  With the ice thickness averaging 13 inches, we had some work to do to bore through the ice for our samples.  We were on the lake to also experience the wild world of ice fishing during the annual Eagle Nest Ice Fishing Tournament.  Fishing appeared to be very slow, so we took our cue from the competitive fishermen and focused our time on the plankton, benthic invertebrate life, and water quality measurements.  Our plankton catch was HUGE!  More impressive, planton net in shelterno one was afraid of the “lake thunder” that rumbled underneath our boots.  The cold hasn’t slowed down these Salamanders, but warmer waters lay ahead as we plan spring water quality sampling, fishing, and a snorkeling adventure!